Our Top Picks For The Perfect Wedding Lighting


Never EVER forget about your wedding lighting!

With the amount of work couples need to put into organising a wedding, its no surprise that occasionally, wedding lighting can slip off the radar, falling into a big dark corner covered in plans and paperwork. Lights can be extremely fickle, and are a hugely important part of a wedding. They can go one of two ways. Make the night, or break the night. I’ve seen weddings where guest have sat under twin fluorescent lights, which have a bright harsh output, everything else was perfect, the tables, the decor, but the lighting highjacked the entire setting.

When it comes to wedding lighting the best option is to go for something that looks great, but most importantly gives off a warm and inviting light. To achieve this romantic, ambient feel you should go with a luminare with a colour tempreture between 2200K and 2700K. This will give you a huge head start to creating a night to remember. Below we have listed our 3 personal favourites, see what you think!

Festoon Aus Top 3 Wedding Lighting Picks

  1. Commercial Suspended Festoon Lights w/ White Cable & 0.5 Meter Spacing

    The ultimate wedding light. The white cable looks delicate and works great for a white wedding. As well as this the suspended lampholder (which is exclusive to our store) adds a cuteness to the fixture. Paired with a clear G45 2200K light bulb you can’t go wrong here.

  2. Commercial Festoon Lights w/ Black Cable & 1 Meter Spacing

    This option is well suited for any couples looking to implement an over head zig-zag design. When night falls the black cabling will disappear and will leave you and your guest sitting under an amazing canopy of lights.

  3. Party Festoon Lights w/ Clear Warm White Globes

    Cheap and cheerful! If you are running on a tight budget you need not to fear. These may be named party lights but they are perfect for weddings as well! Easy to install and connectable, you can work them to your advantage!


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