Light Up Your Event Like A Professional

festoon lights on patio

Light Up Your Event Like A Pro

Event lighting is a great way to get your occasion looking like a masterpiece. With a ton of options available, festoon lighting is very reasonable choice as it is affordable, easy to work with and looks amazing. Before you get started on the journey to lighting success here a some crucial steps Festoon Aus recommends taking.

  1. Know Your Space
    This a major key! As the old saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Make sure you have figured out how you will install the lights prior to game day. The last thing you want is more stress and lost time.
  2. Have The Correct Equipment
    When installing your festoon lights, a lot of the time they will be hung at heights which are generally out of reach. Using ladders is a must, for safety and productivity.
  3. Use Low Voltage Lighting
    Low voltage lighting, also known as SELV (safety extra low voltage) lighting is the better alternative for events. It ensures you won’t receive life threatening electric shocks and is great for patron safety. You can browse our range on low voltage festoon lights at our online store!
  4. Feeling doubtful? Call a professional
    If you feel like an installation is dangerous or maybe a little to big to take on, pass the job to the professionals. The worst way to spoil your party would be to not turn up at all! Working with lights, height and electricity can make for a sticky situation. As soon as you feel like it all might be a bit much, it probably is.

We hope this article puts you in the right direction when planning out your event. For other information on decorative lighting check out our other blog posts. All the best and happy styling!


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