Festoon Aus is a decorative lighting store, providing exclusive products to Aussie punters.

Festoon Lights Online

With a unique calibre of lighting choices, Festoon Aus is the only place you will find such a complete range of festoon lighting throughout Australia. We offer a wide number of different choices to suit every customers demand. Whether you are looking for some party lights for a backyard gathering, or fitting out a new venue, our products come with a guarantee to create a good vibe! With versatile qualities, not only are festoon lights functional and task specific, they are also decorative and create ambience when installed.

Everything available on our store is LED, and that is no accident. The benefits of LED lighting are endless when compared to the older incandescent style of illumination. Did you know that LED’s use around 90% less power than its¬†predecessor? This fact will decrease your electricity bill massively. On top of this, the life span of our globes is 30,000 hours, leaving globe changing a task of the past! Furthermore LED lighting save costs on a number of levels, keeping the money in your pocket and they are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At Festoon Aus, seeking and sourcing the best products and then delivering them with outstanding customer service is what we strive to achieve. Our business lives and breathes on one thing: happy customers. To have the best products we believe you need to find a balance between character and quality. Check out our online store and it will become clear to you that we have bridged this gap, making finding your festoon lighting in Australia such a simple task, which is the catalyst for our success.